Friday, April 2, 2010

Fix-It Friday

Today I had a bit of time, so I did a Fix-It Friday just for fun over at What that means, is that every Friday there is a photo submitted that we get to open up in our photo editing software and "play with".

Here is the original photo:

Here are my two "fixes":

I used Photoshop CS4 to do my post processing.  Which do you like more?



  1. I really like the B&W version. Turned out much nicer than my own B&W.

  2. I love the B&W version. It causes me to draw to the little girl's face.

  3. I like the black and white it looks like very elegant and the way you cropped it, its amazing!
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  4. I really enjoy your second fix the most. I'm not a huge fan digital enhancement, but I'm definitely a sucker for black and white. Good job =)