Monday, August 9, 2010

Three little miracles {Baby Photography in Katy, TX}

I will be the first to admit that the triplet session was more challenging than I had anticipated. And, I give Mom and Dad a ton of credit for being able to keep up with all the diapers, and feeding, and snuggling all while still tending to their three year old son. Whew, it is exhausting no doubt. But after spending the evening with these three baby boys I can see it must be worth it. Edison and Fitzgerald are identical twins and at three months old are thriving beautifully at about 9 lbs each. Simon, is the oldest but the smallest at just over 5 lbs.  He had Mom and me laughing all evening because he always looks surprised with his wide eyes. Three amazing little miracles.
Thank you "B" family for inviting me into your world for a while and letting me snuggle all your precious babies.

Chryshelle {Baby Photographer}

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